New Account Questions

 Questions about creating an account to use the system.

For Extension Master Gardener Enrollment, will choose a username and password, each between 6 and 10 characters long. You will submit an email address (if you have one). Your personal address and contact information is helpful, but optional. You will also submit the county in which you will be volunteering (which is not necessarily the county in which you live.)

For Coordinator Enrollment, you will need a special access code available from the State Coordinator's office or from the Site Administrator. You will also need to create a username and password between 6 and 10 characters long and you will need to establish your area, that is, the county EMG programs you will be coordinating.

No, you don't get an account by virtue of the fact of being in the EMG program. You must create one (or have one created by a coordinator if you don't have access to a computer.

An email address is definitely preferred but not essential. You can always sign up for a free email account at one of many providers, such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and more. Or you can opt to not have one. You can still access the online reporting system and submit your hours.

If you are a county coordinator or state-level administrator then you'll need a code in order to start the enrollment process. It's just a safeguard to ensure than only authorized persons can access restricted areas of the system. It's a one-time step to gain access to the enrollment form.

You can get the access code from either the state director or the developer, through the Get Help form.

When you complete the enrollment form, you'll then be taken to a log in page where you will log in with the username and password you've just created. Logging in will take you to your personal Homepage. There you can begin submitting your volunteer service hours reports.

The same thing happens for Coordinators except that they will be taken to their Coordinator Homepage where they have a number of options including viewing and generating reports.

Only your County Coordinator (the person who administers the Extension Master Gardener Program in your area) and the State Coordinator and their staffs will have access to your information. The Site Administrator will have access as well, in case you experience difficulties or have questions.

Other EMGs in your county will have acccess to your contact information if you submitted it when you created your account.

A Extension Master Gardener who assists in county level EMG management can be given coordinator authorization.

Conversely, there are many Extension EMG Coordinators who also volunteer and keep track of their hours.

If you still have access to your old email account, you can have the username/password retrieval email sent there, log in to your account and change your email address in your user profile.

If you don't have access to your old email account, send a Tech Support request for help in getting your account updated with your new email address.

The "Forms" link provides access to submission of new records for User, Hours, Contacts and Prospects. My Profile - Edit your own User Profile.User - Create a new User in the system.Hours - Create a new Hours record in the system.Contacts - Create a new Coordinator Contact record in the system.Prospects - Create a new Prospect record in the system.